Monday, June 25, 2012

What About Shrimp Futures?

End of the work day.  Took a moment to listen to CNBC's 'Fast Money' market commentators.

Respected and local, Dennis Gartman talked about the early tasseling corn crop in the mid-west. "If we do not see rain by probably July 4, the corn crop will be diminished dramatically."  Significant economic impact on cattle and other industries is projected, if there is a huge drop in the number of bushels harvested.

Still, I had to chuckle a little.

It's presently raining cats and dogs at my house,
should anyone need their corn fields irrigated.

Might even help improve an ominous crop report.

Have you ever seen 'Trading Places' (1983), starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd?  Orange juice futures, a falsified crop report and 'corner the market' greed proved ruinous for the formidable Duke & Duke empire.  (Didn't end well for 'ol Beeks either!)  In a single trading session, Winthorpe and Valentine got their revenge and made seriously big bank.  Along with Ophelia and Coleman, they enjoyed a life of leisure on St. Somewhere, umbrella drinks in hand.

In real life, trading isn't quite so animated.  It's research, algorithms, risk management, chart patterns and emotional fitness.  Followed by more research.

Stop snoring!  Trading is cool!

The markets are a secondary language in my household.  When our daughters were little, they could name the finance network's anchors as readily as characters on Sesame Street.  It's kind of a family affair.  My hubby is a futures and commodities trader.  I prefer equities and truly 'heart' Art Cashin.

Back to CNBC this evening.
Figured I'd better check the crawler
at the bottom of the screen.  Need to know
where the markets settled, as it's often a tell
for how my hubby's day went.

Given the news,
I think I'll chill a bottle of Relax vino
and prepare a really tasty dinner for us: Shrimp with a garlic infused lemon-butter sauce, served over whole wheat pasta -- yum!
Fresh, light and delicious.

Just a simple, Chateau Relaxo way to switch gears and leave the work day behind.

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