Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coming Up For Air

Our beautiful coastal area was thankfully spared the brunt of Hurricane Sandy's wrath.  Sadly, many waterfront communities along the East Coast have experienced widespread devastation.  Even far inland and up to the Great Lakes, life is far from normal for so many people.  Please keep them all in your hearts, as they seek to rebuild their lives.

Love, hugs and prayers,
Tammy Morris Thrift

* * * *
It's been a while since I've written a post!  Will share the 'why' later on.  (It's pretty exciting!)

Also exciting are
 the countless sparks of inspiration that came from my visit to the lovely coastal community of East Beach last week.  I'd successfully completed my real estate licensing exam earlier that day, so I rewarded myself by touring the beachy homes of Homearama 2012.

Nailing my personal design aesthetic to a 'T,' I felt like
 the builders and designers had somehow translated what's been carefully cataloged in my mind.
Relaxed.  Coastal.  Elegant.  Traditional.  Timeless.

I definitely see myself helping clients who desire gracious homes of this quality level.  I've been in their shoes and understand how challenging and overwhelming it all can be.  Whether it's buying or selling one's home, it's a big decision... one to be wisely approached, with great care.  I'll set myself apart by giving them honesty, loyalty and the very best representation possible.

I also see myself developing beautiful homes in the future.  Though it's been 30 years in the making, I'm daring to dream big!
Fresh out of college, I managed the finances for large commercial real estate development firms.  My husband and I have invested in and renovated properties.  It's long been a passion for me and I believe that I have what it takes to succeed.  Paired with just-right details and finishes -- all beautifully imagined and thoughtfully applied -- it could be a wonderful venture.  In classic Chateau Relaxo designs, colors, and details, I hope to take it all to a whole new level.

Exemplary service, above all else, will be the key to meeting and exceeding my clients' expectations.  It's about hard work, grace and perseverance, with a willingness to listen, learn and even make (a few) mistakes along the way. 

I've come up for air and I'm ready to hit the ground running.
Look out, world!  :-)

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