Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finding Your Voice

Introducing... River Girl on Real Estate  (
A funny thing happened on the way to my river girl retirement dreams, a rogue wave so to speak.  Never saw it coming, but it came none the less.  Life unexpectedly changed, and so did I. 

Rather than brood over plans that must be placed on the 'someday' shelf, I chose to pick myself up and stumble forward.  Again and again, till merciful momentum finally arrived.  (Thank goodness.)

Have you ever been there?  Facing a seismic disappointment, struggling to find the grace to roll with it.  Struggling to figure out the 'so now what?'  Struggling to reclaim your joy.  Struggling with the struggle itself.

One of the sweetest gifts I've experienced was simply writing this blog.  Taking photographs along the journey.  Sharing ordinary moments in my life with people around the world that I've never met.  Taking the risk of being my quirky self, not fearing the judgement of others.  Finding my inner voice, even if I had nothing earth shattering to say.

For several months, I stepped away from writing.  Many have asked, "where have you been, Tam?"  Honestly, I can only say it's been a strange and difficult journey this year.  Mourning the passing of my beloved Maddie dog and learning to navigate life without my best friend.  Embracing an entirely new career path, at a time when most sensible folks would opt to slow down or play more golf.  Accepting that I will become a grandma in January, but I'll nix the rocking chair.  Discovering grey eyebrow hairs.  Accepting that I am 'well seasoned' (vs. aging).  Looking for where I left my Marian-the-librarian reading glasses.  Wondering whatever became of my bucket list.

Enough about me.  Forgive my manners, how have you been?

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