Friday, August 24, 2012

Color Inspiration for Fall Painting Projects

Recent travels have sparked my imagination for upcoming painting projects...

Along the entry road to Wintergreen Winery, the distressed white paint of this sign speaks to me.  I can see its relaxed, weathered finish reproduced on a Chippendale-style dresser.  A gift from a dear friend, I'd like to see it re-imaged as a beach cottage piece -- perhaps for my home office?  Bet its traditional fan carving will look like a seashell, once I've dressed it up in softy-sanded white paint.

I just love to take a tailored piece of furniture and re-work its vibe into something much more expressive and relevant for today's lifestyles!
 Consider this barn red paint.  Offset by a chunky handmade sign, it caught my eye near Wintergreen Ski Resort.  Great shade of red that's richly saturated and yet sun faded, all at once.

I'm thinking an antique Sheraton chest of drawers, inherited from Grandma Thrift, would look great in that color.  It's a perfect storage piece for our ski chalet guest room.  The space combines rustic elegance with pure escape, like Ralph Lauren crossed with LL Bean.  Its sumptuous fabrics, vintage snowshoes and wooden skis are so very Chateau Relaxo!

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