Saturday, July 21, 2012

All's Quiet on the Creek

It's raining.  Very little traffic on Carters Creek today.  Showers kept boats moored, sans a handful of diehards.  Tides ran higher than normal.  We stayed along the shore, counting down the days till our boat's new engine is ready.  I'll be chomping at the bit during its break-in period, dying to go 8-barrel fast again.

Maddie dog humor prevailed.  Looked like she was ready to go scuba diving with her snorkle-shaped stick.  After fetching it from the creek a few times, she joyfully chewed it to bits.  Even rolled around on its broken remnants.  Such merciless doggie behavior, with pure satisfaction on her face.  Her wet fur naturally set into distinctive labrador 'feathers.'  She's such a beautiful (and uniquely smelly) river pup.  Melts my heart and makes me laugh, every day.

Sweet hubby is slowly healing post-op, but still wanted to attend tonight's riverfront concert.  Weather-related venue change caused us to punt.  It's for the best, as he should rest up after such a big day.

Had dinner at Lee's... the fried chicken, of course.  Northern Neck living at its best.

All is well in our quiet corner of the world.  So grateful.

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