Friday, July 20, 2012

Asking & Receiving

It simply read, "pray 4 rain." 

Saw this reminder on Saturday morning, while taking a shortcut to Belle Isle State Park for a hike.

Instead of praying for rain, I asked sweet hubby to pull over so we could take a picture of the clever sign.
How typical of me lately, flitting through life.  I need to slow down, seek Him more and gratefully listen.  End this 'monologue in duet.'

Firsthand experience has taught me that prayer is powerful.  Sometimes it's answered faster and mightier than we could imagine.  Other times, it comes at your eleventh hour, when you can barely hold on any longer.  I should lift up my eyes and recognize that ALL things ARE possible.

Unfortunately, it isn't always my instinct to pray about everything first -- unless it is for those I love.  Whenever they may be hurting or struggling, I'll pray for their needs in earnest.  I ask for His blessings on them, always.

The 'ol knee mail definitely has room for improvement, especially when it comes to praying about my own needs.  Lately, it's been like quick, impersonal text messages to God.  Just a 'please show me Your will for my life' or 'what path should I take?'  Candidly, I'm not sure why I'm so detached.  Is it busyness, tiredness or have I become too self-sufficient?
I need to draw nearer to Him... right now.

Instead of talking about my problems,
I honestly do believe it's better to  
speak to my problems.
Even in those uncomfortable
seasons of life,
when it feels dustbowl dry
due to a lack of progress.
Like now.  Circumstances.
Discouragement.  Frustration.
Barely a half-hour after we arrived at Belle Isle, the clouds darkened and the heavens mercifully opened.  

Sweet rain fell softly over the marshes and cornfields.  So beautiful to watch.

Everything became green and lush.  The wooded trail
was so quiet,
so hushed.

It was hard to leave.

Reluctantly, I climbed into the truck, no hike today.  Decided to go for a drive through the countryside.  Good way to salvage the day's plans. 

We've always enjoyed the back roads that weave past the farms, fields and waterways of the Northern Neck.  Beautiful, no matter the weather or season.

Unlike city living, these wide-open country expanses
allow you to see the weather rolling in from miles away.
It's powerful and impressive to behold.

Well, if you can actually see outside, that is.

Oh how the flooding rain fell!
Half expected to see animals heading out of the woods,
walking two by two.

In a flash, we were engulfed by windswept downpours.

Maddie paced along the backseat,
panicked by lightning and thunder.

It was a little scary at times.

I was in awe, quickly reminded of His power and might.
sweet hubby sought our safest route out of the storm.

Blue skies soon returned.
how quickly things
can change.
From a drought to a flood,
from storm to sunshine.

All are someone's
answered prayer.

Bowing my head in gratitude,

I prayerfully share

all of my heart with Him.

Praying for the rain

that I so desperately need.

Asking and receiving it

by faith.

Hopefully, in the form of work

for these eager hands.


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