Monday, July 2, 2012

Find A Need...

... and help meet it.  You just might find yourself 
living more fulfilled as a result.

There's someone who needs your encouragement.  
Or your time.  Perhaps even your resources, whether your are wealthy or not.  Dare to share.  It's worth it.

If you keep your head down, you may never see it.  
Look up.  Signs of need are all around us.

Sweet hubby and I went grocery shopping this weekend.  While filling the cart he said, "we need to be sure to get some dog chow for the SPCA."  

Yep, showed him it's on the list.  We both saw their sign and wanted to help meet the need.  I also pressed for getting some cat food, since we have 3 grandkitties as well as the 2 grandpups.  "It shows how much we love kitty cats, too."  I angled like a shameless politician and lobbied for doggie biscuits.  "You know how our Maddie enjoys hers.  Every doggie deserves a treat."  

And a forever home.

Tabb has a dream to one day build an expansive animal shelter up on the Northern Neck in Lancaster County.  It would be a no-kill facility, with plenty of room for critters to run, play and chase lots of tennis balls.  So many beagles and hounds get left along the country roads, when that dog 'won't hunt.'  Heartbreaking.  Sweetie even has the right property in mind.  We'll just have to work hard and let things fall into place to make it a reality -- if it is His will.  (Sure hope so!)

Till then, we'll continue sowing seeds
by faith, however and wherever we can.  It's the secret to living an abundant life.

To finally have what we want, 
we've got to finally want what we have.
Think about it.

Anyone can rack up accomplishments, 
even wealth.  Or a closet full of shoes.
And yet we could still feel empty inside. 

Real growth comes when we're willing 
to stretch our minds and reach beyond our comfort zone. 

True fulfillment comes when we're willing to share whatever we have for the benefit others.  Give of ourselves... often.  The blessings of a contented and grateful heart are endless.

If you have a garden, share its riches with someone.
If you cook, fix a good meal for an elderly neighbor.  Stop and listen for a while.  Read to a child or be a mentor.  Swing a hammer at the local Habitat house build.  We all have gifts to share.

Take the time to care about someone else.  
You won't regret it.

Bet you'll even sleep better at night... smiling, fulfilled and contented.  (Doggie dreams, optional.)

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