Friday, August 24, 2012

Being Grateful

I don't know about you, but there's always an area in my life that would benefit from more reflection.  And usually, some work.  Lately, that's been the area of gratitude.  I know could do much better there. 

It's not about cultivating a well-mannered 'oh thank you, dear' kind of gratefulness.  

I'm talking about becoming joy-filled grateful, even for the aggravating things found in every day life.  

Appreciating short term pain and inconveniences for their long term gains (like character building or peace of mind).  I'm so blessed, yet I still allow frustrations to creep in at times.

Thankful for cleaning the oven, because I actually have one to clean.  Thankful for picking up after a messy-but-sweet hubby and our perpetually shedding labrador, because my life is so much richer by their loving presence.  

A heart of gratitude means learning to automatically shake things off, just like Maddie does.

My prayer is to keep an 'each day above ground is a good day' level of gratitude.

With family members who are gravely ill, I can't imagine how precious life must look through their eyes.  Grateful for each difficult breath.  By stark comparison, it sure makes my concerns about life's ordinary obstacles seem futile, like chasing the wind.

Daring to focus my energy, resources and talents into developing a 'serving others' level of gratefulness.  
Grateful for every opportunity and creative thought I'm given. 
Asking myself important questions daily to stay in check:

"Who did I help today?"
"Where did I make a lasting difference?"
"What am I grateful for at this very moment?"

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