Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back To My Brushes

The studio at Chateau Relaxo has been idle for a few weeks, as I dutifully focused on my studies.  With the 'Principles of Real Estate' coursework behind me and broker interviews in the weeks ahead, I have a narrow window of creative opportunity before me.  

A wonderful, new waterfront shop is opening in the Smithfield area -- just in time for the holidays -- and they want to feature my coastal artwork!  Yay!  As a result, I may even be ready to part with a few of the quarterboards that I painted this summer.

Feels like old times, as Maddie dog and I jockey for prime floor space around the studio.  My beloved four-footed colleague would love to claim its entire footprint as her own, but my wares demand plenty of room as I work.  In a labrador huff, she protests and reluctantly seeks solace elsewhere.  

It seems like ages since I've played in my paints.  There's something about the smell of waxes and glazes and the tactile feel of paint brushes and putty knives.  For me, it's like spending time with old friends.
Colors and finishes, all experiments and unplanned self-expression.  Loving what I'm seeing and most of all, how it all feels.  Such a simple thing, but it somehow resonates within me.  I'm back to my brushes and I'm having a ball.  
Lovingly offered up by my sweet Maddie dog, I am unexpectedly presented her tattered, stinky tennis ball.  Plopped it right in my lap.  Needless to say, I set the paint brush down in response to her unselfish gesture.  "You're right.  It's time to play fetch, old girl."

If you can, try to carve out a moment for yourself today.  Maybe even share it with a favorite friend.
Breathe.  Play.  Putter.  Do whatever you love to do.  It's worth the sacrifice of time.

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