Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drawing Upon Inspiration: Chateau Relaxo Style

I don't know about you,
but I tend to find inspiration
and creativity
in the strangest places.

And when I least expect it.

As a result, I won't leave the house without
a camera or my iPod for tapping out notes.
(Techie gal, you really *should* opt for an iPhone with Instagram!)

Travels of the past few weeks have put my brain into design overload.

 I'm not sure if this avalanche of thought 
is due to
the joys of summer time, the unusually mild weather or what.

Just perhaps, my eyes are opened as never before.
Subtle beauty
clearly surrounds me... 
on a dock by the water, in a swaying cornfield and most surprisingly, at a minor-league baseball park at nightfall.

(What a great ceiling treatment for a ski house!)

Whether it's the deeply aged patina of a board-and-batten oyster shack or the faded hue of an old farm truck at The Hope and Glory Inn, color inspiration abounds.

Rivers, barns and skies... oh my!

Capturing colors and textures from my favorite river and mountain memories... expressing those relaxed, uncomplicated moments through paint and textiles... that's my design philosophy in its most basic form.
Inspired life, inspired designs. 
Pure and simple,
that's Chateau Relaxo style.

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