Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chalk Lines & The Longest Day

Sunset graced the James River at 8:29pm tonight.
Longest day of the year in my corner of the world.

Sure felt like it, too.

It was 'chalk day' in the Chateau Relaxo studio.  
(For the uninitiated, chalk day = tedious measurement day.)

Chalked designs onto my latest batch of
quarterboards and river signs.  Oy!

Worked in semi-darkness, utilizing a tracer for best detail.

Measured -- not once, not twice -- more like
twenty times.  Each and every design,
using x and y axis lines to get it just right.

If rushed, designs will slope up or down.
Grrrr.  Erase the chalk and repaint the board.
And start the whole chalk process again.

I've learned the importance of taking the time to think clearly
and plan wisely.  Helps keep it all level and centered.
Even the little things in life.

After work, it seemed
like those chalk lines followed me. 
No matter, 
it was a beautiful sunset.
Hope you had a chance 
to get out and enjoy it, too. 
Longest day of the year, after all.

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