Monday, June 11, 2012

Grateful For Closed Doors

Resting... and growing on a Sunday morning.

Saw a wonderful sermon about 'Closed Doors,' by Joel Osteen.  That message really hit home, literally.

Leaving the Northern Neck the night before, we drove home as the sun was setting over an expansive Rappahannock River.  High atop the Norris Bridge, I gazed out the passenger window in silence.  The soft glow of the western sky may have been beautiful, but it was a bittersweet crossing.
It always is.
 I found myself dealing with a familiar and painful yearning.  I didn't want to leave this peaceful, rural place we love so much and return to our hectic 'city life.'  My heart ached as I thought, "God, why haven't you made a way for us to live here yet?"

Deep down inside, I felt Him reply, "Why can't this be enough?"

The clarity of that moment is impossible to shake.  It's humbling and powerful.  
After all, I had lived another amazing day.

We watched sailboats ease along as we crossed the beautiful Corrotoman River by car ferry.  Enjoyed a riverfront concert at Belle Isle State Park, while cool Bay breezes tempered the heat.  Our beloved ten year old lab, Maddie, fetched in the river and romped with the vigor of a much younger pup.  I have my own good health, nine years cancer free.  And I had shared this amazing day and its enlightening sunset with my best friend,
someone that I am blessed to call my husband.

It truly is enough.  More than enough.

I simply need to slow down and take an honest inventory of my life.  To be more patient and grateful for all that I have, right here and right now... including the doors He's closed along the way.

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