Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

After taking a wonderful day off to attend the high school graduation of my great-nephew and great-niece (way to go, Class of 2012!), it's kick-it-into-high-gear time at Chateau Relaxo Design.

My studio is packed with new treasures acquired over the weekend, all ready to be re-imagined and re-painted for Irvington's farmers market.  Sawdust flying to the rafters, sweet hubby even added his woodworking talents to this artsy endeavor.  After collaborating on design ideas, he routed edge after edge on a truly diverse series of quarterboards, wooden signs and raised panel architectural pieces.
Funny thing... treasure hunting
for reclaimed wood has become a fun, new way to spend time as a couple.

Over the years we've learned that shared interests and taking uncharted paths together can help keep married life fresh and adventuresome, especially when you've seen each other with bedhead for more than a couple of decades.
To not lose our 'Ozzie and Harriet' sweetness when working together, we've also discovered it's best to:
(1) work on our projects in different spaces,
(2) to trust and apply our own unique methods and skills
(3) and to do it all without any  
unsolicited advice from one another.
Keeps the peace and cultivates creativity.

Maddie agrees that these 'upcycling' projects
 may be our best yet.  (Hope the good folks who stop by
the farmers market will think so, too!)

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