Thursday, June 14, 2012

SS Tailwetter & The Sun Duchess

More than a few have inquired along the lines of, "so, what exactly is that coastal... artwork... quarterboard... thingy... that you've been working on lately?  I just don't get it..."

That's completely understandable, so I'll break it down a bit.  It's said to be bad luck to pilot a boat that doesn't have a name.  In the past, a sailboat's owner might hire a local tradesman to carve a decorative wooden quarterboard with the boat's name emblazoned upon it (e.g. big yacht's name = 'Costa Lotta').  Collectors, pickers and decorators alike now seek 'mantiques' such as these.  Since my home's decor comfortably blends classic style with fun-loving touches, I'm creating whatever I can't find.  Hopefully, my designs will also appeal to others.

Good times along the coast serve as inspiration for our colors and imagery, like a special collection of favorite memories.  In fact, just this morning I painted a quarterboard in deep navy blue with bright white trim, as stories of the 'SS Tailwetter' came to mind.  Precocious young tow-heads, my hubby partnered with his cousin to secretly launch a less-than-sea-worthy skiff from the Ware River Yacht Club.  True to the boat's name, the boys spent plenty of time in the water vs. sailing for the mark.  They enjoyed every minute of it.

That crisp blue and white color scheme also reminded me of getting new Keds for summer.  They'd look great for about a week, then I'd invariably forget to switch to my old ones when I cut the grass.

 This afternoon, I applied a test coat of paint on a framed beadboard design, prior to applying wood putty or sanding.

Its color inspiration came from my own experiences as a young lass crewing on The Sun Duchess, a 42' Pan Oceanic out of Willoughby Spit in Norfolk.  Good times.  So many life lessons were learned as I tediously scrubbed and oiled its unending teak deck.  Prayed my canvas Topsiders would grip well enough to keep me upright during a heated race, as I hastily fed a dropped spinnaker sail through the forward hatch.  Other races were eventful due to weather.  If ever there was a time I wanted to step out of the boat and walk on water, that frostbite series was it!
I also remember peaceful times, like the sound of a halyard tapping while swimming in Biscayne Bay.  You see, our navigator failed to mention the sandbar ahead, so the boat ran aground.  Simply had to wait on the tide.  Serene, like this watery aqua hue.

Hopefully, you'll now have a better idea of what I've been working on... with a glimpse into the story.

 Back to the paint brushes, as my iPod shuffles a Dave Mathews Band tune from its 'Boat Music' playlist.

School's out and summer is finally here. It's time for someone to get a new pair of Keds.

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