Friday, September 14, 2012

Call Your Mother

Tonight's sky 
was extraordinary
over the James River.  

A layering of clouds,
light and beauty.  

Rainbow in the sky 
made me think that 
mom was saying, "hello."  

Wonder if she saw my 
'Dear Me' post.  

Wonder if it made her laugh.

Wonder if it made her frown.

I miss being able 
to talk with her,
even though it was
never easy.  

Hard to believe 
since she died.

It still hurts 
to think about it.

Over at Lions Bridge,
the sunset
almost otherworldly.

Reminded me
 of a psychedelic
 Peter Max pop-art poster.

Simply stunning.
 This is what it actually looked like...
 no filters, no Photoshop.

Couldn't count the cameras.

Instagram probably lit up
like a Christmas tree.
I'm reminded 
of the reality that 
life is so 
incredibly short.  
The sun sets for us all.  
Maybe take a moment 
to call your mother, 
if you still can.

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