Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Summer Wind

On Sunday, a cold front will usher cooler weather into the Tidewater area.  Though sweet hubby and I always look forward to Fall, I find myself feeling so conflicted this year.  I'm just not ready for sweater weather, to be honest.  School buses are back in motion and it's past Labor Day, yet I'm still daring to wear my white capri pants.  My nails are painted a summery shade of pale shell pink, Essie's 'East Hampton Cottage.'  I'd like to enjoy the sweet scent of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen for a little while longer.  Chill and kick back, as Ol' Blue Eyes croons about the 'Summer Wind.'

Guess I'm clinging to the last gasp of summer because our boat has barely gotten wet.  Given how long it took for all of those repairs to finally be completed, I long to put some hours on that expensive new engine.  Admittedly painful, the mechanic's itemized invoice looked more like a shipping manifest.  Yikes, it cost the equivalent of three semesters of my 1980's college tuition, plus books!  I'd like to see a return on such a significant investment, even if it is measured in laughter, smiles and sandy beach towels.

It saddens me to think that the rivers of the Northern Neck will soon rapidly cool.  (Please no, not yet!)  Last Saturday's boat ride was waaay too much fun -- and it had been almost 2 years to the day since our last one.  Just a few more trips down the Corrotoman and Rappahannock Rivers, along with Carter's Creek.  Then, I'll be ready to button her up for the season.  

Well, maybe.
After all, we could use our boat to view autumnal leaves from the water.  Bundled up and cozy, it's beautiful and quite romantic.  Heaven on earth, with my favorite person and our puppy dog.  

With that sweet vision in mind, 
will I finally be able to let go of summer time?

Grant me one more gloriously sunny weekend.
After a swim in the Corrotoman, I'll gratefully bask in the last warm embrace of the summer wind.

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