Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dream & Dare To Accomplish It

Sweet hubby and I have wanted to make our move to the Northern Neck for quite some time.  It hasn't come together just yet, for a host of reasons.  Sigh.

Undeterred by this occasionally frustrating fact, we press on toward the goal in our hearts.  
We'll treasure our weekends up there, till we finally call it home.  (Plus, the boat is fixed!)

This time of waiting hasn't been without its growth and gains.  Most of all, it's taught us to trust His plan and timing even more.  It's also given us time to distill our thoughts and planning, defining what we truly want in our new home.  Most of the time, the visions mesh.  Sometimes, we see it very differently.  

For a southern fella with a pickup truck and hound dog, having the right home decor actually does matter to him.  He gets it.  After all, it's his home, too.  Willingly, he gives input on the selection of paint colors, fabrics and furnishings.  He also has an amazing eye for executing beautiful millwork and molding designs. (Bet he'll save us a fortune on customizing our new home, just as he's done with the current one!)

Our overall design aesthetic is wonderfully in synch, which is a relief to the decorator in me.  Thoughtfully blending our unique perspectives into those special little details will always be key for us.

Creating a portfolio of top ideas will help make our new home even better.  Along with many great properties on the Northern Neck, we're seen wonderful bits of inspiration within Coastal Living's showcase properties at East Beach.  Shelter magazines and web resources are helpful, too.  We've filled a large 3-ring binder, to carefully illustrate our vision when it's time.

So, what will this river home ultimately look like?  Honestly, it depends on how long it takes us.  We could go in a slightly different direction by then.  One thing's for sure, we want a traditional beauty that's gracious and welcoming *in the right scale.*  We want it to be wonderfully right-sized -- for when it's just us, as well as for when we entertain a crowd. 

We're drawn to coastal-influenced architecture, with a classically southern accent.  Transom windows and banks of french doors will give it a bright, open feel.  Add in high ceilings with exposed beams to complement Sweetie's amazing millwork, trim and built-ins found throughout the home.  Dash and Albert rugs on reclaimed wide-plank heart pine floors.  Wood plank walls.  Deep, wraparound porches -- some screened, some not -- will become the site of family crab feasts and for chilling in a rocker with a cool beverage.  Fieldstone terraces and pathways abound, as will hydrangeas, hostas and daylilies.  Metal seamed roof for timeless charm, come rain or shine.  Stacked stone fireplaces for chilly nights. 

Most importantly, it needs to have the right waterfront aspect.  Not only is the river great for our fun-in-the-sun lifestyle, it drives value.  We see it including a wide sunset view, a gentle slope to its sandy beach and deep water at the dock.  Hubby wants many, many acres of land, too.  (Yikes and ka-ching!)
Piece of cake, right?  Maybe not, but it sure would be our Northern Neck dream come true.

"My advice for young explorers, or anyone, is dream big and dare to fail.  If you don't try to accomplish your dream, you fail before you start."  (N. Vaughan, National Geographic)

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