Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?

Last week, I found myself with a few rare moments to breathe.  

I'd just attended an intensive seminar that morning and wanted to clear my head.  Hmmm, my old office at William and Mary was just up the street.  Unannounced, I stuck my head in the door.  Man, it felt good to see those familiar faces.  Time went by far too quickly, as I collected much-needed hugs.  Great to catch up with wonderful people that I've missed so much.  

My only regret?
I didn't have enough time to see everyone!

So I joined Facebook this morning, 
hoping to hear what's new and amazing in their lives.  It's crazy that Tabb and I waited so long to join the Facebook party.  Even crazier is that it took me so long to stop back by the campus.

Begging to differ with Thomas Wolfe, 
I found you CAN go home again.
It's actually pretty cool.

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