Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Praise Of The Boonies

We spend pretty much every weekend up on the Northern Neck, enjoying all that it has to offer.  Though it is taking a lot longer than we hoped, sweet hubby and I still plan to pull up stakes and move there permanently.  Finding that 'just right' property -- one with serious acreage, deep water and a sandy beach in the right location -- well, it comes at a steep price.  (And the last name is Thrift, not Rockefeller!)  

Patience is key, along with "keeping the faith," as Gene used to tell me.

It's funny when friends or family ask, "why in the world would y'all want move out to the boonies anyway?!"  For the uninitiated who've never crossed the Rappahannock to our enjoy our Mayberry-by-the-river lifestyle, I suppose it is a fair question to ask.  To put it to rest, I'll often bring them along for a day trip to experience our waterfront Shangri-la firsthand.  The term 'boonies' is quickly dismissed, as they try to shake off an unexpected longing to someday live there, too.  The beauty of this area is intoxicating.  Its pace is wonderfully uncomplicated.  

You may even feel like you can breathe again,
if you know what I mean.

To avoid taking reservations
for who's next riding 'shotgun' in my car,
I'll attempt to bring you along with me through this blog.

If you somehow find yourself with a desire to move there as well, just let me know.  I'm getting my real estate license and genuinely look forward to helping people find peace of mind and their own piece of paradise on the Northern Neck.  I can see myself as a professional business person who's committed to building a successful real estate practice.

Hope you'll stop by,
if you're ever out in the boonies.

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