Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just Love That Old Bay

There's something about the smell of Old Bay seasoning that simply transports me.  It reminds me of the metal seamed roof on Aunt Nell and Uncle Lewis' old river cottage.  I can still hear the soothing plink-plink of raindrops overhead, while we relaxed on the wraparound porch.  Old Bay covered our fingers, as we laughed and picked the freshly steamed blue crabs that were spilled onto newspaper-draped tables.  

Good times, made better with Old Bay.

Tonight was no exception.  My hubby surprised me with dinner at Captain Chuckamuck's restaurant in charming Rescue, VA.  Old Bay spiced the delicious steamed shrimp set before us.  We talked about life, global markets and the lovely waterfront view.
Great food and happy times spent with my Sweetie.  Life is indeed good, especially with Old Bay added.

What's your favorite Old Bay memory or recipe?

In return, I'll teach you how to
make my yummy crab dip.
Served with hot, crusty garlic bread or
broiled over english muffins, it's long been
a family favorite for holidays
and everyday special moments.


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