Friday, November 30, 2012

My Life In 3 Pairs Of Shoes

There was a time in my life when I had a lot of stuff, but very little time.  
I quickly discovered that having it all wasn't worth having at all.  You can quote me on it.

I can recall Carrie Bradshaw-like moments, gazing at the treasure trove of gorgeous shoes that lined my closet in an upright, orderly fashion.  Even while very, very pregnant, I'd gladly teeter on those sky-high, spiky Ralph Lauren stilettos as I dashed about my corporate life.  
So chic.  And so silly, to tell you the truth.

My, my, my... what was I thinking?

Admittedly, there are times now when I still need to dress well for business.  I'll grab a pair of what I've deemed my 'senator shoes.'  My life in heels, albeit in sensible and stately models.  Like lady legislators might wear.  

Who needs the lower back pain?  No thank you!

To that end, you'll most likely find this rivah girl 
sporting a pair of Topsiders as she takes Maddie dog for a walk.  
Well-loved and a bit worn, they feel like slippers.  
Whether with jeans, khakis or a pair of shorts, it's a comfortable and (still) contemporary fit.  Loved 'em back when I was a ridiculously preppy teen and I love 'em now.  Ever at-the-ready, Topsiders allow for my quickest thinking.  Like impulsively taking the boat out 
on the river for a fun and fast run.  Vroom!
They're also great for when Maddie wants to go outside at 4:00am.
I'll be standing in my Topsiders gazing up at the stars, as she toddles about and (finally) chooses to do the necessary.  Oh, the glamor.

Since cooler weather arrived, my breezy and sockless 
Topsider approach can be a bit too chilly (brrr!), 
even for a lass who rarely gets cold.
Time to sneak a pair of my hubby's woolen socks and tuck them into comfy LL Bean boots!
Seriously, it's a girlie girl's guilty pleasure.
Perfect for tromping through the woods 
to view a waterfront homesite, too. 
or for crunching through snow up at Wintergreen.  
Selfishly, they're the best choice when sitting in an adirondack chair next to my sweet hubby.  Simply chillin' by an outdoor fireplace, as we share cheese and crackers with our perpetually hungry yellow lab.  Pedicured piggies stay nice and toasty, with his socks keeping me warm.  Peaceful.  Grateful.

Indeed, there are other shoe 'contenders' in life that are vying for time and attention.
Over the past two years, I've made some very deliberate decisions in an effort to simplify my life.
As a result, those other shoes often sit idle or end up being donated for another person's enjoyment.  

For me at this age, less truly is more.  Much more.

Life is short and I plan to enjoy it.  Quite likely, in the freedom of three kinds of shoes.

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